Practical Education


Self-reliant, practical learning

Practical education at the Mundus College lasts for 5 years. In the first, second, and third years, self-reliance is a primary focus. During these years, you discover your talents and receive a solid foundation in both theory and practical skills. In addition to general subjects (such as Dutch, mathematics, and biology) and practical subjects (including economics, healthcare, technology, and hospitality), you also receive guidance and instruction on making informed choices. You learn how to become more socially adept and how to achieve and maintain physical health. Furthermore, you can explore and develop your various talents within the extensive Mundus & More program.

Starting from the third year, you make a choice towards a specific profession. You gradually choose one of the four profiles:

- Technology
- Healthcare & Welfare
- Hospitality
- Economics

This helps you gain a better understanding of the type of work you want to pursue.

In the fourth year, you make a final choice for your specialization: Technology, Healthcare & Welfare, Hospitality, or Economics. In the fourth year, you spend 2 days a week on an internship at a company that aligns with your chosen field. In the fifth year, this increases to 3 days. Internship, in our context, is the learning method in which a learning process occurs in a real work setting. There, you can develop skills that are not achievable in a school setting. Therefore, internship is a crucial part of practical education.

You conclude practical education with an "Entree-diploma," a "PrO-diploma," or practical certificates.

For more information about exams, please refer to the study guide.

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