Educational Support


Support from the Mundus

Since 1 August 2014, schools have been obliged to offer the most suitable educational place possible to all pupils who apply. Mundus College already offers a lot of support and guidance to students who need an extra helping hand. The Amsterdam-Diemen Secondary Education Partnership coordinated and supported in this.

In order to provide pupils with specific educational needs with even better guidance, student counsellors work together with various care providers to offer pupils preventive and structural help. This can be, for example: a weekly fixed meeting with a regular student counselor, a place for a moment of time out or a 'check-in' with the student every morning to get the day off to a good start. Together with the parents, we draw up a guidance plan for these pupils, the Development Perspective (OPP), in which we make clear agreements so that the pupils can continue to successfully follow their education in the regular classroom at the Mundus. For parents, Appropriate Education offers the possibility of contact with a fixed person in a fixed place where the expertise and experiences of parents are taken into account. Before a student receives guidance, there is always a conversation with the parents.

If a pupil or parent needs more specific support, there are also external staff members associated with Mundus College, such as the parent, child adviser (OKA), the appropriate education counsellor (BPO), the School doctor (SA), the school nurse and specialist youth care such as school social worker and behavioural psychologist. This makes support easily accessible and allows the school to respond quickly to the support needs. Of course, this is always done in consultation with parents/guardians.

Read the School Support Plan here and the 2023 Support Overview here.

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