Holiday overview and class-free days 2023-2024

Holiday First day of vacation Last day of vacation
Autumn Holidays October 21, 2023 October 29, 2023
Christmas Holidays December 23, 2023 January 7, 2024
Spring Break February 17, 2024 February 25, 2024
Easter (incl. Good Friday) March 29, 2024 April 1, 2024
May Holidays (incl. Ascension Day) April 27, 2024 May 12, 2024
2nd day of Pentecost May 20, 2024  
Summer Vacation July 20, 2024 September 1, 2024

November 1, 2023,

February 26, 2024,

May 21, 2024 and July 17, 2024



Holiday rules

There are a number of days when you can get time off for your child. For example, attending a wedding, anniversary, funeral or religious festivals such as the Feast of Sacrifice and Eid al-Fitr. You must request these extra days off in advance. You can do this with the school management.

If you want extra holidays, you must ask the school management at least 8 weeks in advance. You can get a form for this from the administration, which you fill in and send to the school management. You may be eligible for special leave if your work prevents you from leaving during normal school holidays and it is your only holiday of the school year.

More than 10 vacation days? Applying via the municipality

If you want to ask for more than 10 extra vacation days, you can contact the district's attendance officer. You can get a form for this from your district. It is possible to fill out this form with the help of our administration.

Lesson-free days

At the start of the school year, parents receive an information card with an overview of the days on which no lessons are provided (such as days in the 1st and last week of classes, half days of classes in connection with the triangular discussions, study days and development days).

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