Initial Reception for Non-Native Speakers


Lessons in the EOA department

The "EOA" (Eerste Opvang Anderstaligen) program has 2 academic years and an optional additional preparatory year for students with developmental delays. Depending on their level, students are placed in a class in Practical Education (Praktijkonderwijs), VMBO (Voorbereidend Middelbaar Beroepsonderwijs), or HAVO (Hoger Algemeen Voortgezet Onderwijs). Afterward, students follow the regular curriculum in the upper years.

In the EOA program, students are in a class with peers from all over the world. You all learn Dutch to quickly feel at home in your new country. Therefore, there is extra emphasis on the Dutch language. For general development, students also take classes in general subjects like English, mathematics, and/or arithmetic. In the EOA, you have an average of 4 hours of Physical Education (Gym) per week.

In the first and second academic years, you also have talent development lessons talentontwikkeling. Here, you discover your personal talents, and in the second year, you find out which upper-year profile best matches your talents and passions.

To determine the level, the "JIJ-toetsen" (YOU tests) are used. These tests help establish a student's reference level and the gap to the desired level. In addition to these tests, other aspects like motivation and work attitude are considered to determine if you will be able to follow the level in regular education later.

We aim to make learning and progress as visible as possible. In the "PTO's" (Programma voor Toetsing), you will find an overview of the goals we want to achieve and how students can demonstrate that they have achieved these goals for classes 1F1, 1G, and 1J.

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