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The vast majority of complaints about the day-to-day running of the school will be dealt with correctly in consultation between parents, pupils, staff and school management. If it is not possible to resolve the complaint at school, you can contact the board of our school ( Our complaints procedure is described in the complaints procedure of Esprit Schools.

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Educational disputes

If, whether you are a parent of a pupil, pupil or employee of Esprit Schools, you still feel the need to have your complaint assessed by an independent body after the internal handling of a complaint, you can contact the Foundation for Education Disputes. This can be done in writing or by e-mail.

Stichting Onderwijsgeschillen
Landelijke Klachtencommissie Onderwijs
P.O. Box  85191
3508 AD  Utrecht
Phone: 030-2809590
The foundation has the following committees:

  • Appeals Committee
  • National Committee for Disputes WMS (Schools Participation Act)
  • National Job Evaluation Objections Committee
  • National Disputes Committee dgo (consultation between employers and employees without interference from the trade unions)


Confidential Inspector

The Inspectorate of Education employs confidential inspectors. They have a specific task when it comes to complaints in the field of sexual harassment and abuse, physical and psychological violence, radicalisation and discrimination. They can provide information, advise on any steps to be taken or support in the search for solutions. They can also assist in filing a complaint or filing a police report. The confidential inspectors handle these complaints with the utmost care and do not take any action without the consent of the reporter.

Pupils, parents, teachers and other parties involved in the school who have to deal with the aforementioned complaints can appeal to the confidential inspector. If there is a suspicion of sexual harassment or sexual abuse, the schools are obliged to contact the confidential inspector. The confidential inspectors hotline can be reached daily during office hours at: 0900-1113111.


> Flyer Confidential Inspectors

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