Mundus College will start a language boost class in the upcoming school year. This is a unique opportunity for VMBO basis/kader (pre-vocational education) students to develop a stronger foundation with extra language support in order to work at a higher level. Students in the language boost class will receive six extra hours of lessons in Dutch and study skills during their first year.


Enrollment for the language boost class is done through the primary school. The internal supervisor and/or the classroom teacher will fill out the enrollment form and print the OKIDOC, LVS, and OPP (if applicable). These documents are given to the parents. Due to privacy concerns, parents will bring the enrollment form and documents to the student administration office of the Mundus College. If this is not possible, parents can contact Seline van Kooten.

After enrollment, there will be an assessment round and a selection interview at the Mundus College. After enrollment, parents will be informed whether their child can be placed in the language boost class or may be better suited for a regular VMBO class.


With the help of the checklist below, parents (along with the internal supervisor and/or classroom teacher) can determine if their child is eligible for the language boost class. A student can be enrolled if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • Stronger in mathematics than in language.
  • Can develop a stronger foundation at the basis/kader level or achieve higher progress through additional education.
  • Is self-motivated and eager to spend extra hours on their development.
  • Has a language delay that can be explained.
  • Demonstrates a strong desire to learn and an active learning attitude.
  • Shows concentration and dedication in the classroom.
  • Displays an independent work attitude.
  • Exhibits consistently positive behavior (considering break times, physical education, substitute teachers).
  • Is willing to dedicate six extra hours per week to academic matters and can/will do so.

The enrollment form can be found here.

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