Management & Supervision

Esprit Scholen

Mundus College is part of Esprit Scholen. The Executive Board is the competent authority of Esprit Scholen.

Contact details of Esprit Scholen:
Jan van Galenstraat 31
1051 KM Amsterdam
Tel. 020-5854811

The school principals together form the management team. The management charter describes the powers and responsibilities of the school directors.


Education Manifesto

Esprit Schools' educational ambitions are set out in the Education Manifesto 2018-2022. The education manifesto describes the mission and vision for the education of the Esprit schools. It is the basis for the school plans.


Pupil status

The pupil charter is an overview of the rights and obligations of pupils in schools. The pupil charter states what is expected of the pupils at school, but also what the pupils can expect from the school, the teachers and their fellow pupils.

It is good for the school and the teachers that they know what they can hold the students to, but also that the teachers know what they can be held accountable for by the students. It is imperative for everyone in the school that these rights and obligations of and towards pupils are not arbitrary, but that they are established. This pupil statute has been drawn up for this purpose.


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Esprit schools

On the Esprit website, under the About Esprit button, under the subject Regulations and policy, you will find, among other things, the management statute, the education manifesto and the pupil statute, which apply to all Esprit schools.

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